Red Dawn of Freedom
Independence Reclaimed Trilogy, Part I
genre: alternate history epic fantasy

Cloaked by a terrifying legend spanning five hundred years since the American Civil War, a forgotten land hides beneath the Gilded Sea. Long-told tales warn never to look upon the shimmering waters. A glimpse and you will never know what truth is again. Monsters in the golden waters can steal your soul. No one dares travel beyond its boundary, into remnants of the United States, until Abril’s chronically ill sister is abducted.

To make the rescue, Abril bravely enters the golden sea and is thunderstruck. She isn’t drowning, but instead, spinning into an unknown world. Recorded history is wrong! As a student at an esteemed college, she majors in ancient weaponry—studies facts and findings, not folklore or hearsay. Magic does exist! The legend is true.

A government-sanctioned institution captures Abril, forces her into slave labor. Had magic blocked abolition? The slaves produce trade goods and also a higher-valued commodity—magic. The hideous truth—the suffering of slaves is cultivated and harvested for power-hungry elites. Abril discovers she possesses uncanny powers, can hear dead slaves, still tortured beyond their graves, crying for vengeance and freedom for their living families. They clamor for her to be their savior. Their anguish rattles her to the core, but what can she do? Will her frail sister face this atrocious fate? Will Abril?

She must find a way to save them all and right magical history’s wrong. Determined, she grasps every opportunity. Using her skills with ancient blades, feminine charm, and newfound powers. Attempting to tap into the Gilded Sea’s magic. Finding love and breaking her own heart. Running from her own certain death.

She fights for her sister. Fights to free slaves—both alive and dead. For all that, she’ll need unfathomable strength to capture and unleash the Gilded Sea’s full fury!

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Reader reviews: 

"5 stars - Holy cow can this woman WRITE! This is a fantastic story between worlds that are completely different from each other. One is normal and very close to ours, the other is filled with power-hungry, greedy, dreadful beings. I loved reading this book and didn’t want to put it down." ~Phthon, Goodreads

"5 stars - A story of a legend that goes back an extremely long time. Is it truth or fiction. This story will have you feel a part of all that is happening. Perfectly written. Ready for the next." ~Jackie, Goodreads

"5 stars - I was blown away by this fantastical novel by Ms. Moore which is full of mythical realism and which reminded me a lot of the books by Isabel Allende. The depth and strength in this book are so profound. I love that our young heroine is so family oriented, hell bent on keeping her younger sister safe and puts everyone else before herself. Perla is ill, suffering from a disease which needed medication and care, so when she is taken away past the Gilded Sea, Abril follows her. The Gilded Sea was a place that was feared and legends about it’s dangers were passed down to them by their Abuelita. Once Abril broke through the sea, she was branded and captured and taken to a slave camp, where she discovered she had powers and was more than she thought she ever was. She started to hear voices in her head and discovered she was a spirit walker with her own magical powers. She discovers the land of Halcyon beyond the sea, a land of elites who thrived over the soul spirit of the dead slaves. These were immortal beings living off the spirit of the mortals who were calling out to Abril to save them, and bring freedom to their families. She had to right magical history’s wrong through abolition, and for this she had to unleash the Gilded Sea’s fury. Through all her travails she faced an evil woman who pretended to do anything for her favoured son, the same legate Abril had fallen in love with. But could he be trusted to put her before his mother and his ambitious future? This is one of the most powerful books I have read in a long time and I was totally captivated by the magical tale of heroism." ~Lana, Goodreads