I read the tea leaves
as if they were words
left over from a conversation
between two cups…  
from Kenny Knight's, "Lessons in Tea-Making"

Reading Tea Leaves 1910 by Harry Herman Roseland

Tea Leaf Tales is a series of original ten-sentence short stories by Marsha A. Moore, relating to photos/scenes that resonate with her. 
The tales are listed as a collection on this page for easier reading.

The Origin of Tea Leaf Tales

They put up a good fight, but the gnomes were better

Which doorknob should I turn?

The Magical Treasure Chest

Spitting on Sidewalks is Strictly Prohibited

Chaotic Carousel Circumvolution

Restoring the Magical Antique Motorcycle

Pink Blossom Sun Shades

Secretive Garden Tenants

Beach or Bust in the Flower Power Bus

Unicorn Playing

Wrath of the Headless Lady

The Powers to Never Forget

A New Gazing Ball

Politics of the Magic Charm

The Second and Third Hand Shop

A Desperate Tree

Vintage Clothing—Wearing Wonderful Feelings

FREE Magic Wands!

The Shivering Cabin

Amazon Woman

Urban Fantasy Turkey Shoot

Snowbird Migration

Which Christmas tree will pick me?

I found out what Reindeer do before Christmas

Firemagicful wishes for your New Year

Serving Big Hats Only

Signage Wars

Rare Blue Hippo Sighting!

Hard economic time for orange house brownies

Someone left the gate open and it will get out!

My World Inside a Hat Box

Siamese Surveillance

Surviving Spring Break

Beware of psychedelic ants!

Have you passed through an enchanted gate to spring yet?

No popcorn for this Viking shield maiden

Angels' Trumpets or Fairy Skirts?

A Tardy New Moon

Toy Typewriter

Gravel Ends

Toy Soldiers at Work

Escaped Musical Dining Chairs!

The Magic of Tranquility

School Daze Blues and Reds and Oranges and Greens

Indian Summer Bicycle

How to protect yourself against a sea monster

Beware of the Guardians of Autumn

Apple Destination--Suicide or Strudel

The Witches' Skull Game

Black Smoke Waitress

Alien Jungle Gym

Unicorn Street

The Forlorn Boot

Only for my Besties—A Magic Elixir

For the Price of a Bird of Paradise Song

Two Sets of Tracks Follow Me Still

Clothesline Soldiers

Make Wise Use of This Enchanted Rose

It's time to stock up on summer Fireworms!

The Vacationmobile, the latest trend in cars!

Disappearance in Timeless Trails Metro Park

Care for a slice of mad, tasty, drunken, whiskery apple pie?

The Necessary Practice Halloween Growl

Love Lies Under the Waterfall Ahead

The Turkey's Feathered Tale

Phew! Santa has bad breath!

No need to lose your New Year’s dreams during the fireworks

Spring Elixir of the Red Horntail Prairie Plant

Bye Bye Birdie

Always Believe in the Magic of Portals

The Conjuring Classic Woodie Wagon at Floyd Fender's Used Cars

Sadie's Red Polka-dotted Umbrella

Be sure to visit the Frenchie Kisses fair booth!

Rooster Crossing ONLY!

A Mantis Mother's Lament

Umbrella Spa

How long with the magic in Arthur Slipdeal’s micoplants last?

Have you met the Watermelon Warrior? 

Tricycle Terminator

Blood Moon May Cause Harmful Circulation Changes

Bobby Bear's Post-Hallows Anger Management

Why didn’t the farmer tell his barn?

Vixen’s Hunt for Christmas Tree Demons

Vintage Radios Play the Best Music

A new breakthrough in Renewable Energy—SEA COW STOVES!

Flamingo Hearts of Love

Grandfather's Magical Whisk Broom

The Duty of the First Flower

The Chosen Rabbit

Harbinger of spring in a pinstriped pinafore

Delbert Daisy's Sunglasses

Holey Moley Those Cows are Big!


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