Heritage Avenged - Enchanted Bookstore Legend Two

Readers' comments:

"With Heritage Avenged Ms. Marsha A. Moore continues to build on her strengths set forth in the previous tale, Seeking a Scribe, while increasing the stakes for Lyra and Cullen. Her fantasy world continues to reveal itself little by little with many more enchanting inhabitants awaiting the visitor to Dragonspier from fire drakes and enchantresses to enchanting dryads, mysterious wizards, and sentient trees." ~Julianne Draper, Examiner

“It's a great adventure story with wizards, dragons and all sorts of magical creatures, all wrapped around a love story. looking forward to part 3, Lost Volumes.” ~SusanT

5 stars--I can't say more about this. Moore packs a lot in this time around. We get romance, magic, action, adventure, talking unicorns, talking dragons, talking trees, creepy trees, and so much more. Obviously this book was more than exciting. This was a well written book and I loved every minute of it. The characters and their interactions with each other was a fun experience. Just as fun as book one. The ending has me dying for the third book which I have also received from Moore herself. I cannot wait to start it, finally! Definitely recommended for Fantasy lovers.” ~Diana at Offbeat Vagabond Reviews

"This book was even better than the first! The story kept me captivated and at the edge of my seat the entire time. Lyra finds herself in a big predicament, having to not only learn important lessons about magic, but also has to succeed at her new quests. She struggles with trusting anyone, not knowing who is friend or enemy, some who seem to be friends are enemies others who appear violent turn out to be friend. She has to struggle through her quest all alone, with the sole purpose of saving her love Cullen's live. So the stakes are high, if she fails not only can she loose her own life but also the life of the one she holds most dear. These stakes along with constantly being attacked and pursued by the enemy both in the real world and in the magical world, make this a compelling book to read." ~Jadn, Amazon reviewer

"Moore weaves a tale of love, magic and danger that draws you into the story. You want to keep reading and see what happens next for Lyra. I was honestly sad when the book ended and wanted more. I’ve decided that I need to go back and read the first one. You can pick up the second book and not be lost, but there are references back that don’t make a lot of sense if you haven’t read the first story.

The book was well written, stands alone on it’s own and is a great example of fantasy and magic for those who enjoy magic in their stories." ~Margaret at The Book Hoard

"Heritage Avenged is a fantasy novel complete with wizards, sorcery and mythical creatures. Lyra, along with her wizard lover, Cullen, work to solve the mystery of her aunt’s suspicious death.

Moore paints a colorful picture of a whole other world. I found the story’s setting to be intriguing and magical. I also enjoyed the relationship Lyra and Cullen shared. Cullen is unable to survive in the mortal world so Lyra is becoming a student of the Dragonspeir magic so that she can live in his world.

I must admit that I am normally not a fan of this type of fantasy story. However, there is no doubt that Moore can weave an extremely imaginative tale. She really paid attention to detail and the novel was very well written." ~Teresa D. for

"If you love books full of magic, adventure, and Dragons this series is for you!" ~Brandy at All the Fun Starts After Dark

“Marsha A. Moore weaves a magical and fantastical story with plenty of action, adventure and romance.” ~Jennifer at Waiting on Sunday to Drown 

“5 stars...Ms. Moore strikes again with another terrific adventurous, magical, romantic, fantastic tale. Her writing style has such appeal for many readers of different ages and interests. Heritage Avenged is a great read that draws the reader right into the midst of the action. I found myself cheering, fearing and tearing at various times throughout the book. And the characters are so well presented and developed that I easily found myself feeling one emotion or another for each one, whether they were human, animal, wizard or other magical being.” ~rtlmt

"5 stars--Thoroughly enjoyed reading the 2nd in this excellent series. The magic  was beautifully choreographed and easily weaves in and out of both Dragonspier and the real world. You'll find yourself wanting more at the end of each chapter. The chapters flow seamlessly together and create a fabulous entry into the next volume. Highly recommended!" ~Lynn Marie

"Wow, Ms. Moore Has Done It Again And Wrote A Fantablous Book 2!!This Is A Fast Paced Story That Keep Me Rapidly Reading And Can't Wait To Read Book 3!!" ~Linda Bass